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Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you a novice to WordPress and want to know if managed WordPress web hosting can be a lucrative option? The answer to this is that managed WordPress hosting has both advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will learn about managed WordPress hosting and its pros and cons.

Price is the main differentiating element between the two. Shared web hosting is cheaper when compared to managed WordPress hosting. Web hosting providers usually mention benefits such as improved WordPress security, website backup, and so on. However, those benefits can still remain relatively unclear if everything is not clearly mentioned in your web hosting plan.

  • Does the Web hosting company actually perform any actions on my server regularly basis?
  • If I need anything done to my site, such as having a plugin installed or a new theme, do I ask them before?
  • Do they tweak my site settings to improve speed or WordPress security on their own initiative?

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What is Managed WordPress Web Hosting

what is Managed-WordPress-Hosting

Think of a world where you don’t have to spend those agonizing hours thinking about the server’s working. A world where you can untangle yourself from predicaments of web hosting and devote your time towards making your website better.

The managed WordPress hosting is a powerful hosting specific to WordPress. It means that a managed hosting company will take care of how your server is structured, hire competent staff for support, backing up the site, installing regular updates, and troubleshooting any issue.

Besides, offering hardware and WordPress expertise, a managed web host will provide additional services and features tailored to streamline your burden as the website owner.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Web Hosting

It is always better to study both sides of an issue. Owing to this, let us now discuss the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting.

Here the listed most common advantages of managed WordPress hosting.

Get Prompt and Expert Assistance

When it comes to web hosting companies, they will offer some type of support or limited support. But with a managed WP hosting provider, rest assured that they are well-versed within and out of WordPress. Calling them WordPress experts won’t be wrong.

It means if there is a tricky WordPress theme, a potential WordPress plugin conflict, or a web server issue, you know that it will be taken care of. The team knows all the tricks in the book to run a WordPress site at its optimal performance. If you have other WordPress-related queries, they will always have a reputable recommendation. 

Best WordPress Security Services

Even if your website has never been hacked, you can’t overlook the significance of having a secured website. With a managed WordPress host, you get an assurance of dependable and built-in security measures. Most of the hosting service providers offer nightly backups, which you can restore anytime.

With optimized servers, a managed WordPress hosting provider ensures the utmost WordPress security. Besides, the provider will also incorporate other essential features such as –

Speed Up WordPress Performance

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Another reason to choose a managed WordPress hosting provider is their complete set of software and programming languages customized to the WP experience. It means that your website will have better uptime, the loading time will be quick, and reduced hiccups.

A well-known WP hosting provider understands what goes into optimizing your servers based on the themes and plugins you are already using. They will also offer content delivery networks (CDN), server locations across the globe, and instant-scaling technology.

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High-end Features With Managed WordPress Hosting

A managed WordPress hosting provider always goes one step further than just providing secure server setups. It includes various collaboration features, educational resources, and workflow tools. They are not only a service provider; the best ones will work as your business partners. Hence, providing benefits for your business growth. 

Key features that a managed WordPress hosting provider will offer – 

  • They will use their immense experience to create site templates for plugins and themes.
  • They will send across the demo sites to clients before it goes live.
  • Send the hosting bill to the clients.
  • They will team up with websites with your team and clients.

The particular features tend to vary according to the hosting provider. If you have chosen a credible one that supports your ideal workflow, then nothing like that.

Easy to Add SSL Certificates

You must have noticed a green padlock next to the URL in the browser; it shows that an SSL certificate is installed on that particular website, and it is secure. The installation process of an SSL certificate involves communication between the certificate provider and your hosting provider to authenticate the security of the website.

A managed WordPress hosting provider takes care of the SSL certification installation. Most of the managed WordPress hosts tend to provide a free SSL certificate as it comes under online best practices. If you don’t have an SSL certificate and are looking for it, a managed WP hosting provider can help you get that done. In the coming times, it is now a must-have certificate for the websites to keep it secure.

Hackers do not attack all WordPress sites. They only target vulnerable WordPress sites, ones that are easy to hack. If your WordPress site is properly secured, you have followed the WordPress Security Checklist, no hacker will have fun spending days and days to find the tiny security hole that would give him access to your server.

Hassle-free Site Management

Opting for a managed WordPress host can be one of the smartest decisions you will make as you enjoy the convenience of having everything organized and accessible in a single place. You don’t have to approach different providers or mess around with tricky setups; it’s a single hub for all your sites.

They will also look out for the updates for you. This way, your site will always be on the latest version. Traditionally, this includes –

  • PHP updates
  • WordPress Theme or plugin updates
  • WordPress version updates

If you manage a huge chunk of clients, this will come handy in saving some precious time. And not to mention, save some bandwidth as well.

The Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Let us now discuss the disadvantages of a managed WordPress hosting system. 

Managed WordPress Hosting is Relatively Expensive for Extra Features

With managed WordPress hosting, the limitation is that you can only build your website with WordPress. Remember, if you opt for managed WordPress hosting, the cost will be a bit on the expensive side. You will be charged according to the number of sites you are having and the traffic on them.

It does burn a hole in your pocket when you are looking to host small and general sites. If you want an extra speed, space, and other features, you will have to pay extra or have no other choice than to purchase a better package.

Managed WordPress Hosting Compromise on Flexibility

With managed WordPress hosting, you have a limitation that you can only build your website with WordPress. Just drop the idea if you are thinking of running other systems such as Joomla, Magento, or Drupal on the same server.

It is, indeed, a deal-breaker if you are looking to run something other than WordPress. 

Limitations of Plugins With Managed WordPress Hosting

Most of the managed WordPress hosts tend to use a wide range of hosting technology that helps provide better speed and security. Such technology forbids the use of plugins. The host also carries out tasks such as WordPress security and backups outside of WP. At times, some hosts won’t even allow you to install new plugins at all.

Limited or No Access to File Editing

If you want access to any file or database, chances are that your managed WordPress host has restricted you from making any changes. Some managed hosts won’t even allow you to access your database at all.

Less Control on Technical Tasks

With managed WordPress web hosting, you don’t have control over how your hosting provider is handling all of your technical tasks. The host will decide what needs to be changed or updated and whatnot. You have to shell out extra money if you are looking for third party email hosting.

A Limited Number of Sites Will Be Allowed With Such Hosting Plans

Most of the entry-level managed WordPress hosting plans will allow you to host only one website. Besides, installing multisite can also be one of the issues that you may have to face.

Need to Purchase & Register for Domain Names, DNS Hosting

Most of the managed WordPress providers want you to bear all the expenses related to DNS hosting, email configuration, and domain name registration and renewal. While they will provide technical guidance on how to configure, they won’t be doing it for you.

When you are using a managed WordPress hosting provider’s services, you will have to handle all the hosting requirements and their expenses.

Wrap up

We hope that this article made you familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of managed WordPress web hosting. Now it is up to you whether you should opt for managed WordPress web hosting or not.

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