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Managed WordPress Hosting 2022

If you are looking to move your WordPress website to one of the best managed WordPress hosting services,we have a few suggestions in this article.

Are you a WordPress beginner who is wondering what is managed WordPress hosting?

During our research, we came across many managed WordPress hosting companies and found that the prices of these managed WordPress hosting is quite higher than the average shared hosting .

You probably might have thought:

  • Why is there such a big price difference?
  • Is managed WordPress hosting really that much better?
  • Do I need a managed WordPress hosting provider for my site?
  • Is managed WordPress host worth the cost? If so, then which is the best managed WordPress hosting company? and how to choose one.

If you have any of those questions, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting. You can use our research, knowledge, and experience to decide which WordPress hosting company is right for you.

After carefully reviewing and comparing dozens of provider, you must hand-pick the best managed WordPress hosting companies of 2019.

Let’s start,

Web hosting is an important element that is often underestimated. However, it is interesting to choose it according to the type of site that one plans to create. To avoid misunderstandings, we specify that it is essential to hosting a website on a server so that it is visible to the general public.

A website without hosting is like: a car without a wheel, a house without a roof. The quality of the hosting, the server and the person who manages it, is in no way a point to neglect for your presence on the web especially if it is professional.

This can make the difference between the comfort of visiting your users with security, but also in the search results! And yes you should know that a good host for your website has a positive impact on the SEO of your site, regardless of its size.

When do you need managed WordPress hosting?

Okay, so let’s answer the big question: When do you need a managed wordpress hosting ?

Use the best managed WordPress hosting for:

  • Websites that are growing rapidly.
  • Websites experiencing spikes in traffic.
  • Individuals, bloggers, and businesses without much technical knowledge that just want their WordPress website to work with no hassle.
  • Business websites that can’t afford to be offline.
  • Website owners who value great support that responds fast and can solve any issue.
  • Businesses looking for growth, and everyone who wants their hosting platform to be able to grow with them.

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WordPress: The essential CMS

Currently, WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. It is a free open source platform, which means that everyone has the opportunity to use it. This tool allows you to create websites through a classic or dedicated hosting. Providers of hosting plans typically provide maintenance services, feature installation, and shared servers.

As this is an open source program, WordPress is free. All hosting providers can include it in their offers. Thus, we find the CMS pre-installation in all web hosting packages of Host & Protect. However, in recent years, hosting optimized for WordPress have emerged. And these are perfectly adapted and optimized to the use of the CMS as well as to its specifics.

WordPress hosting: targeted solutions

General hosting services often offer WordPress as an option. However, the accommodations dedicated to the CMS have many advantages.

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

It is a specialized hosting service for WordPress where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the hosting providers.

This is to free the website owners from technicalities so that they can completely focus on building a website and creating content. Among the offers provided by the hosts is the managed WordPress hostings.

This system is intended primarily for small and medium businesses, companies looking for a dedicated WordPress hosting and blogs that generate significant traffic.

Opting for this type of solution saves time, manpower and better performance for the site. The hosting is entirely dedicated to WordPress CMS and its pricing is slightly higher.

This includes the quality of support, the high performance of the site and its global reach. We can also mention automatic backups, adaptation to developers and scalability of the site.

Finally, it provides significant security gains and much richer development environments.

Most importantly, you get access to expert support (preferably in a 24/7 manner and via phone) that’s always ready to solve any issue you might have.

With shared hosting plans, on the other hand, you have no certainty that the person on the other end will be knowledgeable about WordPress and/or able to solve a specific problem related to the platform.

Make sure that your service provider provides these – wordpress install, customer support, ssl certificate, support teams, staging sites, caching plugin

In short, all of what you can see in the left column of the table above is managed on the host’s end … that’s where the name comes from.

Check out this post about the advantages and disadvantages of managed WordPress web hosting. It will help you decide either managed WordPress hosting is the right option for you or not?

Why it is important?

WordPress is the most used blog platform on the internet because it allows the easy creation of a website or a blog. It is a content management system (CMS) whose installation and use are free. But for a WordPress site to work perfectly, the host must meet certain criteria.

Users who want to explore the possibilities and opportunities of WordPress can take advantage of packages entirely dedicated to the platform, which allows them an optimal use of the service.

The flexibility of WordPress allows a wide choice of uses, extensions, themes, plugins and much more. All users can take an interest in it and, above all, take advantage of it. Managed WordPress hosting is also intended for both inexperienced users and professionals.

You should be aware that WordPress optimized hosting packages may be more expensive than general services that include WordPress as an option. But they can also prove to be much more interesting. They offer more efficient media services and significant security gains for the users. These benefits should not be overlooked.

  • Betting on the specifics of your WordPress site

You should know that WordPress sites work through regular updates, which can avoid all kinds of security breaches and benefit from new features. All CMS are subject to this type of updates. Thus, the sites update each week.

This concerns various functions of the site: the WordPress system, the theme, extensions and translations.

Updates on WordPress are very easy: one click is enough. Nevertheless, it is important to make a backup of the site before the updates.

This avoids a malfunction or a bug, which are certainly quite rare, but not non-existent. Opting for optimized hosting for a WordPress site allows you to ensure regular updates. These are intended to protect your site, its users and data which is essential.


Answer: Web hosting fees vary greatly, from a few dollars per month (some hosts will even offer free hosting, generally, to display advertising on your site) to thousands of dollars per month (think of websites that receive millions of visitors a day).

However, most private websites do very well with packages that cost between 5 and 10 $/month.

Although in general, the quality of web hosting is proportional to the amount of the package. Depending on how important your website is to the daily activities of your business.

It may be wise to pay a little more than the minimum required and choose a web host who cares about the reliability and performance of your site, as much as you do.

Shared or managed WordPress hosting


As mentioned earlier, the key to managed hosting lies in the fine print. Shared hosting services often simply mean that Web resources shared with other users on a single server are available to you. What you do in this space with these resources depends on you.

For example, you can create and run a static website in HTML and a script, you can run Joomla or Drupal – it could be anything.

WordPress managed hosting recognizes that you intend to specifically run WordPress from your hosting account. As such, these resources and facilities that are extended to you are optimized specifically for WordPress.

Shared hosting-                             

  • The type of hosting plan in which you share server resources with other users
  • Average price: $ 5 – $ 15 / month
  • WordPress updates and maintenance are done manually by users
  • No special tools or technical support for WordPress development
  • No performance and security adjustments specific to WordPress

Managed WP Hosting-

  • Regular hosting with added services and optimized performance for WordPress websites exclusively
  • Average price $ 30 – $ 200 / month
  • WordPress updates and maintenance are done by the hosting company
  • Staging and multisite features for WordPress development
  • Best Support – Technical Support for WordPress Issues
  • Better Security – Special rules and security features for WordPress
  • Better Speed ​​- Server configured specifically for WordPress

The problem with shared hosting

Shared hosting presents a number of issues that arise for the most part from its business model. While it is true that shared hosting is cheap, it is because hundreds or even thousands of users share the same server. This hosting method entails what is called the “bad neighbor effect”.

The server that hosts hundreds of accounts with a fixed amount of memory. If a website exploits more than its share of available memory, all other sites hosted on the same server will suffer problems because of this “bad neighbor”. In other words, it means that a problematic website can lead to slow loading of thousands of other sites.

In many cases, the hosts cannot afford to solve the problem. A particularly attentive company can disable a website that uses too much resources because of inefficient code, for example, but what can it do if a site suddenly experiences huge traffic because of social networks? Not much!

In summary: Websites with shared hosting are not reliable. Also, because of resource restrictions (remember that resources must be shared) and because shared hosting environments typically need to be able to run a wide variety of applications (this is not just WordPress), they are often much slower than managed hosting.

Benefits of managed WP hosting

By migrating your site to a managed hosting, you can not only avoid problems but also gain important benefits, such as:


Everything about managed hosting servers is optimized to run WordPress. By contrast, shared hosting must be able to handle all kinds of platforms/applications, and must, therefore, abandon all the precise adjustments that managed WordPress hosts offer.

With managed hosting, everything from hardware to software is calibrated for WordPress Web sites: the server-level cache, the likely execution of the most optimal version of PHP, MySQL and Apache, everything is configured individually to ensure the best possible performance.

In short, a website on a managed WordPress host can often reduce the time needed to load a page of about one or two seconds or more. Do you think it’s just a drop in the ocean? Studies have shown that a one-second delay in loading time can cost businesses like Amazon $ 1.6 billion every year.

Your website is not likely to immediately reach the size of Amazon, but there is no doubt that its speed is essential to its success.

In summary: The faster is better. This reality is important not only for the customer experience but also because Google takes into account the speed of a webpage (among a whole bunch of other factors) to determine where to rank it in the search results.


Security scanning procedures are likely performed by the shared hosts to ensure that their hundreds of users on each server are not affected by any kind of threat. However, managed WP hosting puts security at a completely different level.

Enhanced security protocols, daily malware searches, and the ability to eliminate threats from cyber attacks (such as DDoS attacks) are features that you will find virtually in any standard managed WordPress hosting package.

However, it must be admitted that, whatever the level of security of your servers is, it happens from time to time that websites (especially the most popular) are under attack.

If your site has the misfortune to be hacked but you have chosen a WordPress hosting, you will almost certainly be in a better position because your hosts will have both the expertise and WordPress specific ability to get you out of this, unlike a shared host.


We are all familiar with the importance of regular backups of your site. Fortunately, most WordPress hosting packages (if not all) include not only automated daily backups but also features that allow you to quickly and easily restore your backups as soon as you need them.

Many shared hosting services offer automatic backups via cPanel. However, they are always stored on the same server, which means that they are just as likely to be damaged as the original data. In addition, restoring one of these backups is usually not an easy task.

Conversely, WordPress hosting usually offers a one-click restore that delivers your entire site online in minutes, and sometimes even seconds.


With  WordPress hosting, your web server is managed by professionals whose goal is to ensure optimal system efficiency. Automatic updates not only cover the operating system on the server, PHP protocols, MySQL etc., but also WordPress itself.

This means you always have the newest, most stable and secure versions of just about everything you use.

Shared hosting sometimes offers similar features but with a slight nuance. Indeed, the shared hosting operators also take care of the maintenance of the essential elements of your server, however, they do it in a much less proactive way and this includes at best the operating system, the control panel, PHP, MySQL and Apache protocols.

WordPress is not in the list and you will have to do the maintenance yourself.

In summary: The goal of a shared host is not to satisfy you but to keep the maximum number of people on a server satisfied. Your server will always be optimized to run all possible combinations of applications and not to run a specific platform with optimal efficiency.


You can not allow your site to go offline, so you should always test any new changes you make, including plugins, PHP versions and updates on the development site, and not on your production site.

However, with most web hosting providers the tests involve a complex and time-consuming process of copying your site locally, testing and then discovering how to migrate the changes back. Many of the managed WordPress providers include test environments with just one click, specifically to make the tests simple.

The one-click development or test environments are designed so you can clone your site, at the touch of a button. Your development site can then be accessed through a test URL, and can also be accessed through typical methods such as FTP, SSH, phpMyAdmin, etc. You can easily take your production changes from your dashboard.


The support staff of your shared host can be extremely friendly, but it will probably not consist of WordPress experts.

Have you ever encountered any problems or the standard answer was “Check that WordPress is updated and that you do not use bad plug-ins”? Or this old classic chorus: “Try to disable your plug-ins one by one to find the one that causes the problem”?

Managed WordPress hosts know exactly which version of WordPress you are using (because they are the maintainers) and which plug-ins you have installed. They can usually locate the problem much faster and often solve problems that shared hosts are not even trying to locate.


Due to the very precise nature of the configuration, your website will be able to handle a much larger number of visitors with a managed WordPress hosting than it could do with shared hosting.

However, it is worth remembering that among the best hosts, there are predefined limits on the number of monthly visitors your site can receive before being subject to additional fees.

It should also be mentioned that in fact, some managed WordPress hosts are running their services on shared servers (in fact, some share the server’s resources with other users).

However, even when resources are shared, they are much better distributed among a smaller number of users, which means that the “bad neighbor” effect will most often be virtually neutralized.

Even if you subscribe to a basic managed WordPress hosting package, you will likely receive a much higher level of availability.

In addition, as soon as your site evolves and exceeds the managed WordPress package you have chosen, technicians will advise you very quickly to consider moving to the next level.

The real benefit here is that with your website on a standard platform, there will be no migration issues, unlike when switching from a shared server to a VPS (virtual private server) or to a dedicated server.

Benefit from scalable offers dedicated to WordPress

WordPress hosting solutions provide solutions that take into account the specifics of the CMS. The latter design hosting according to the environment of WordPress and the nature of the site.

Thus, the creators of sites are offered different levels of pricing and several services.

You should know that WordPress hosting offers the same solutions as standard services. However, they are fully dedicated to WordPress sites, so that all users can find a hosting plan that meets their current and future needs.

As a WordPress site evolves, its owner can benefit from a customizable hosting plan.

We hope this article could help you choose the best web hosting for your website. Do not hesitate to contact our experts for further queries.

The hosts to avoid

According to some online reviews and comments on social networking, it would seem that companies to avoid are mostly those who do not make WordPress hosting their priority.

GoDaddy and Bluehost have received a number of adverse reviews for their poor WordPress hosting services. Other companies, also very well rated, such as Host & Protect, seem to win their spot in managed WordPress hosting providers list.

It may well change in the future (GoDaddy, for example, is said to be making serious efforts in this area) but for now, we recommend globally to look only at the companies for which WordPress hosting is their main activity.


We hope you now have a good idea of ​​the differences between shared and managed WordPress hosting. In summary: if you run a WordPress website and you have $ 10 US/month to spend, you should definitely switch to a Managed WordPress hostings.