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Hosting is an essential part of any online activity in order for your website to be fast and secure for your visitors. It is essential to take out a managed WordPress hosting package that is perfectly suited to your needs. The hosting package that you choose often directly influences the income of your site.

This article will tell you the value of managed WordPress hosting by Host & Protect. You may have met these terms before, but you still have questions about things like what are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting? Is its higher price justified? Is it necessary to switch from a shared WordPress hosting to a managed hosting? If that’s your case, keep reading! Among many other questions to Ask When Choosing WordPress Hosting Provider.

There are many reasons why our managed WordPress hosting will serve you perfectly even for very high traffic. 

In summary, the undeniable advantage of a hosting environment managed by WordPress is that everything is perfectly suited to running WordPress.

Host And Protect - Best Managed WordPress Hosting

General hosts (the hosts of Websites running on all types of platforms) cannot really optimize their systems on a specific platform because they need to be able to run as many different types of software. In managed hosting, the same server may be running a WordPress site, a Joomla site, a custom site using Laravel, a Node server, and so on. 

There is no better way than the Host And Protect’s managed WordPress hosting to optimize everything at the same time. Sounds pretty great, right?

Why Host And Protect is the Best Managed WordPress Host?

Here are six reasons why managed wordpress hosting with host and protect is best for your business:

1. Our team will make sure that everything is taken care

Why Host And Protect is the Best Managed WordPress Host?

With managed hosting, everything from upgrades, security, migrations and more will be handled by the Host And Protect. With their managed hosting, everything from hardware to software is calibrated for WordPress Web sites: the server-level cache, the likely execution of the most optimal version of PHP, MySQL and Apache, everything is configured individually to ensure the best possible performance.

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In short, running a website on a managed WordPress hosting can often reduce the time needed to load a page of about one or two seconds or more! You think it’s just a drop in the ocean?

Studies have shown that a one-second delay in uptime can cost businesses like Amazon $1.6 billion every year!

2. Advantage of having your own dedicated resources

With the Host And Protect you will have the resources of a complete server, this can be rented or purchased. This type of hosting is recommended for websites that generate a lot of traffic and require many resources such as online stores, social networks, viral sites among others. A slow and not working website can really impact your business.

If the priority of the site is Security, the dedicated server may be the best option since it can adapt to the best security. whereas shared hosting is on a shared server doesn’t offer 100% security. For this reason, Host And Protect puts your site on a dedicated VPS.

As it does not share bandwidth or resources, dedicated servers are faster and allow hosting several websites and the traffic is really unlimited (based on the capacity of the server). When your site is hosted on Host And Protect, you can be relaxed as no attacker will mess up your site’s performance or leave a bad impact on your business.

3. Managed WP Hosting offers blazing-fast web speed

fastest web hosting for wordpress

The faster is better. The speed is important not only for the customer experience but also because Google takes into account the speed of a webpage (among a whole bunch of other factors) to determine where to rank it in the search results.

Everything about managed hosting servers is optimized to run WordPress site faster. By contrast, shared hosting must be able to handle all kinds of platforms/applications, and therefore, abandon all the precise adjustments that managed WordPress hosts offer.

With managed hosting, everything from hardware to software is calibrated for WordPress Web sites: the server-level cache, the likely execution of the most optimal version of PHP, MySQL and Apache with the ability to customize everything for the best possible performance.

4. Best in Class Security

Secure WordPress Hosting by host and protect

The security of a shared hosting server is more vulnerable than any other type of hosting since it depends solely on the experience of a user or system administrator. Therefore, a user must monitor the security of the server, make frequent backup copies and install security patches and firewalls. 

On the contrary, in managed WordPress hosting by Host And Protect the deals with all these aspects related to security so that the user can only focus on the content of their website.

Security scanning procedures are likely performed by the shared hosts to ensure that their hundreds of users on each server are not affected by any kind of threat. However, managed WP hosts puts security at a completely different level.

Enhanced security protocols, daily malware searches, and the ability to eliminate threats from cyber attacks (such as DDoS attacks, WordPress brute force attack) are features that you will find in Host And Protect’s managed WordPress hosting.

However, it must be admitted that, whatever the level of security of your servers, it happens from time to time that websites (especially the most popular) are under attack. If your site has the misfortune to be hacked but you have chosen a managed WP host, you will almost certainly be in a better position because Host And Protect has both the expertise and WordPress specific ability to get you out of such situations. 

Host And Protect is capable of dealing with the latest WordPress security vulnerabilities and will keep you informed on threats and proactively block the login access to secure your WordPress website.

5. More Efficient Assistance

Your mileage with support will vary from company to company, but we think it’s safe to say that an average WordPress managed host support should know a lot more about WordPress than usual non-specialist host support. Again, WordPress being a single system, it is much easier to solve problems that arise.

The support staff of your shared host can be extremely friendly, but it will probably not consist of WordPress experts or most probably a robot.

Managed WordPress hosts know exactly which version of WordPress you are using (because they are the maintainers) and which plug-ins you have installed. They can usually locate the problem much faster and often solve problems that shared hosts are not even trying to locate.

With Host And Protect, you will get the best assistance via live chat, phone call, or email. Once you make a call, you’ll get a real human designer/developer/IT expert on the other end to help you out.

6. Accept a Wide Range of Payment Options

Host And Protect’s services are built to create a better workflow between the client and the graphic designer/web developer. We simplify the payment process for our users by allowing them a wide variety of payment methods. You can make your payment using either PayPal, Credit Card (without giving out your password or credit card info). 

Your designer/developer can work on the site altogether as a “collaborator” and easily monitor, update, or upgrade your site. Anyone working on your site can make changes on a test site which is running on test subdomains. 

We’ll do some cleaning because you will see that by default, a lot of settings are not very professional. This will make it easy for you to see what’s up with your site!

In summary, you can stop worrying about the servers, hosting, hacker’s attack and the problems related to the performance of your WordPress website, spend that time to grow your business.

Host And Protect offer much more flexibility for storage, possession of your ad space, security and portability of the site. We provide more features and other benefits, so if you are looking for a unique hosting solution contact us

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