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Are you searching for WordPress web hosting services that are user-friendly and fast? Start with those web hosting companies that have experience in hosting WordPress websites.

Ensure that your web hosting service provider meets all the needs of WordPress hosting. As it is a known fact that maintaining security, and avoiding threats in WordPress websites is always a challenge. Also, the hosting service must support the latest plugins and themes for the WP site to run smoothly.

But don’t you worry! Online enterprises looking for top-notch web hosting firms in Indonesia have a variety of options for hosting WordPress websites. There are many reliable WordPress hosting providers in Indonesia that you can check out.

Here in this post, we are providing you with a list of the top-notch Indonesian WordPress web hosting providers.

The cardinal rule for selecting the most suitable hosting service is to review the features and other essential factors such as uninterrupted technical support. Also, the bandwidth, webspace, backup facility, firewall support for security, plugins, and theme support are the deciding factors.

Among all, the massive bandwidth is required to handle the high traffic on the site. Finally, check the availability which means the host ensures that your site remains online and the backend issues will not affect the working of the site.

Know what is exactly required for WordPress Hosting in Indonesia?

For the WordPress hosting in Indonesia, there are three kinds of preferred services:

  • Dedicated Servers

For big or enterprise websites this type of hosting is recommended. The cost is high but worth spending for big sites.

  • Shared Servers

The resources are shared with other websites. The option offers shared resources which reduces the individual hosting cost.

  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

The hosting service provides dedicated resources, more control, and flexibility. But the cost is more as compared with shared hosting. For technically demanding WP websites, you can consider this hosting.

Once you have decided on the server type, check the 4 essential parameters that the hosting company must provide

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With the technical requirements, you can consider the 4 important parameters while choosing a WordPress hosting provider.

  • Speed — Choose a server that can provide a load speed  under 300 ms.
  • Uptime — A reliable hosting service will have at least 99% availability.
  • Customer Service — For help with WordPress related questions.
  • Site Needs — The hosting service should work with your business size and type.

Now, you can get through the detailed list of WordPress hosting providers in Indonesia.

11 Best WordPress Hosting Providers in Indonesia [2024]

Choosing the best WordPress hosting provider for your needs will simplify the CMS installation and help you manage your website in a better way.

By paying attention while choosing the suitable WP hosting, you will benefit from a pre-configured environment, improved plugin management, one-click installs, automatic WP updates, and more!

The latest top 11 WordPress hosting providers in Indonesia 2024, their basic types, are listed below:

  1. Host and ProtectFast & Secure WordPress hosting in Indonesia

Host and Protect - Fast & Secure WordPress hosting in Indonesia

Host And Protect provide secure WordPress hosting for small business sites. The company offers only one managed WordPress hosting plan, and it comes with all the security. The company focuses on providing secure WordPress hosting with firewall installations and time for malware and threats checking. The database and site backup is included in the hosting plan.

Main Features

  • 24/7 technical support to maintain faster websites
  • SSD storage with disk space, bandwidth, emails support
  • Install plugins, new themes with access to cPanel details
  • GitLab support
  • Support of live Firewall to maintain secure WP website


Managed WebHost custom plan as per the requirement of the clients. The cost varies. Hurry up to avail the best deals!

  1. Niagahoster – Highly Flexible WordPress Hosting Provider

NiagaHoster - Highly Flexible WordPress Hosting Provider

NiagaHoster offers great deals with required WP hosting features. The company maintains a highly developed four-tier data centers *DCI Indonesia, super microservers, and continuous technical support. For security purposes, the Bit Ninja security server is installed that prevents the sites from hacking, spam, malware, and DDoS. The host’s One-Click Script allows users to install 280 web scripts like WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop instantly.

Main Features

  • Low Cost, Great Quality
  • Speed and Security Priority
  • Number 1 Technical Support in Indonesia


  • WP Pelajar– Rp 40.223/Bulan- 10 website hosting- unlimited bandwidth – free email accounts
  • WP Personal– Best Seller Plan- Rp 26.813/Bulan-SSD storage- unlimited website hosting- unlimited bandwidth- Free email accounts
  • WP Bisnis- Rp 85.724/BulanSSD storage- unlimited site hosting- unlimited bandwidth- free email accounts.
  1. Rumaweb – Indonesian Domain and WordPress Hosting

Rumaweb- Indonesian Domain and WordPress Hosting

Serving the domain hosting for the Indonesian WP website for 15 years now having more than 14,000 domains all over the country running at present. It uses Super Micro, acknowledged as a highly efficient manufacturer of server-class PC devices. Rumahweb also opts for cPanel because of adaptability, convenience, and security. It works well with CentOS for enterprise-class users. The company’s preferred technology for visualization is Parallels Virtuozzo used primarily in VPS. It can upgrade Random Access Memory as well as space without any downtime.

Main Features

  • Higher uptime maintained
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Greater bandwidth
  • Partner with companies like Google cloud. cPanel NDC partner, Lite speed Hosting partner, etc.


  • Domain- Rp 12.000/Tahun
  • Hosting Unlimited- Rp 15.000/Bulan
  • Cloud Hosting- Rp 120.000/bulan

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  1. IDwebhost – Best Shared WordPress Hosting In Indonesia

IDwebhost – Best Shared WordPress Hosting In Indonesia

IDWebHost is a pioneer in providing hosting to Indonesian WP websites since 2004. The company is known for delivering the best hosting platforms. The company provides Virtual Private Services and shared hosting with the support of 60 servers located in Indonesia. IDWebHost is among the 12 firms with accreditation by the Internet Domain Name Manager Indonesia as a domain name registrar. It employs 20 full-time customer care assistants based in Jakarta and Yogyakarta to respond to any complaints or queries from customers.

Main Features

  • 24/7 technical support with regular back service
  • Provided SSD storage by taking responsibility of security and threats
  • Unlimited bandwidth with unlimited website storage


  • Charming -Rp10.900/Bulan- 1 website hosting-72% off
  • Cute – Rp19.900/Bulan- Free Domain- Unlimited Bandwidth-55% off
  • Awesome – Rp83.900 /Bulan- 68% OFF-Free 2 Domain
  • Fantasic – Rp126.900/Bulan- 32% OFF-Rp86.900 for Free 2 Domain
  • Corporate -Rp503.900/Bulan- 40% OFF- Free 2 Domain,SSD Space 15 GB

All types of hosting services get dedicated server access and cPanel details.

  1. Hostinger – Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider

Hostinger - Reliable WordPress Hosting Provider

Hostinger Indonesia was launched in 2004 for providing high-quality WP hosting service for. Being a renowned company, it is known for providing affordable plans. The hosting service has more than 29 million clients from 178 countries worldwide.

It utilizes the NGINX technology, the most up-to-date PHP 7 9 (server-side scripting language), and cloud-based infrastructure to produce optimum speed and operation. It provides WordPress hosting making use of the made-to-order WP Super Cache Express software for optimization as well as new-generation Solid State Drive hardware.

Main Features

  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Daily back service
  • Provided SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth with unlimited website storage


  • Single Web Hosting – Ideal solution for beginnersRp 13,900/bln
  • Premium Web Hosting – Best Value- Perfect package for personal websites- Rp 27,900/bln
  • Business Web Hosting – Optimized for small and medium businesses- Rp 49,900/bln
  1. Qwords – Fastest WordPress Hosting in Indonesia

Qwords - Fastest WordPress Hosting in Indonesia

The company provides a reliable and fast WP hosting service at reasonable prices. The company was established in 2005 with capabilities in hosting, cloud and data center solutions, research and development, and integrated marketing communications. The company has dedicated servers to host WordPress websites.

Main Features

  • Providing SSL and Security plans for clients.
  • 24/7 technical support with high enterprise server access
  • 99.99% uptime and clustered DNS


  • SSL- Rp 112.000 /thn-SSL certificate
  • Dedicated Server- Rp 499.000 /bln- Free Remote Security Support
  • Colocation Server- Rp 500.000 /bln- Full monitoring maintaining safe hosting
  1. Dewaweb – Free Web Hosting for Non-profit Organizations

Dewaweb - Best Web Hosting for Non-profit Organizations
The WP hosting provided by the company offers free hosting for non-profit organizations. Dewaweb assures users of fast and dependable cloud servers.

The company that offers the number 1 web hosting service in Indonesia is equipped with stringent security and auditing processes to acquire the ISO 27001:2301 BSI Group certification.

Main Features

  • Ninja Support 24/7
  • 99.99% uptime with SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth with cloud hosting


  • Beli 2 tahun- Gratis 6 bulan
  • Beli 3 tahun– GRATIS 12 bulan
  • Beli 1 tahun-Gratis 2 bulan
  1. BEON – Best Customer Support for WordPress Hosting

BEON - Best Customer Support for WordPress Hosting

A premium WordPress hosting company that is ISO 9001 & 27001 company equipped with world-class server technology. The company has dedicated as well as VPS. BEON claims a response time of not more than three minutes from its technical team based on the data for a chat response. Seven out of its 10 clients have recommended the company’s services. The BEON has packages with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Main Features


Offers custom packages as per the client requirement.

  1. JogjaHost Unlimited WordPress Hosting in Indonesia

JogjaHost - Unlimited WordPress Hosting in Indonesia

JogjaHost web hosting services started in 2010. The company is connected directly to the Open IXP Network which is an interconnection between multiple connections in Indonesia. The benefit of doing so is a fast speed avoiding delays. The WordPress hosting service implements the most advanced technologies.

Main Features

  • SSD unlimited dedicated hosting
  • Free SSL with 99% uptime
  • VPS high–quality hosting


  • Basic- Rp15k/Bulan-Unlimited SSD Storage, Bandwidth- 1 Website hosting-50% off
  • Big- Rp25k/Bulan- SSD storage- Unlimited websites-75% off
  • Max- Free SSL , free SSD storage- Rp60k/Bulan-50% off
  1. Jagoan Hosting – User Friendly WordPress Hosting Platform

Jagoan Hosting - User Friendly WordPress Hosting Platform

JoGoan is a member of the PT BEON Intermedia Group which has made a name in the web hosting industry in Indonesia. It collaborates with global business partners, Google and VeriSign. Its premium product is the Cloud Shared Hosting Indonesia inclusive of free;

Main Features

  • Free SSL
  • 99% Uptime
  • Free website builder available for easy website development 


  • Unlimited Hosting- Rp.9.000/bln
  • Corporate Harga Mulai- Rp.60.000/bln
  • Mix & Match-  Best Custom hosting features –free SSL- Rp.90.000/bln- Best Seller
  • VPS X- online server support- Best for WP hosting- Rp.80.000/bln.

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  1. IndowebsiteCheap WordPress Hosting Service

Indowebsite - Cheap WordPress Hosting Plans

The hosting service improves the load speed of the WP websites. It has been providing hosting services in Indonesia for the last 12 years now. Activation time for hosting services ranges between three and 10 minutes. The hosting plans cover support for PHP, MySQL, and cPanel technology. This offer is designed for Indonesia webmasters with a limited spending budget.

Main Features

  • SSL support with unlimited SSD storage
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth with server backup


  • Silver-Rp. 49.167/bln- Discount 80%- For beginners
  • Platinum- Rp. 82.500/bln- Discount 80%- For business sites
  • Diamond- Rp. 124.167/bln- Discount 80%- For enterprises to host multiple websites.

Choosing the Best Indonesia WordPress Web Hosting Service

The above information will help you choose the web hosting service as per your customized need. As a piece of advice, always consider the quality of service as your main benchmark rather than considering the cost. Also, webmasters and website owners need to spend time finding out the best web hosting partner.

Once you develop your website and host it, it will be running 24/7 and frequent changes might hamper the speed of the website. Rather than ignoring the important facts , it is better to handle them priorly

Numerous hosting companies make all kinds of promises but only a few of them deliver effective performance at a fair price. Therefore, take time in choosing the best WordPress hosting provider. One of the important factors is that if you are having a local business then it’s better to consider a web hosting company that has a specific plan for Indonesia and their servers are in Indonesia.

In the end, don’t forget to compare the website speed, uptime, security support, and other vital actions during the selection of a hosting partner!

FAQs- Best WordPress Hosting Company in Indonesia

1. Can I migrate my WordPress site to a new host in Indonesia without downtime?

Yes, many Indonesian hosts offer free migration services with minimal to no downtime.

2. What factors should I consider when evaluating the scalability of a WordPress hosting provider in Indonesia?

Evaluate their plans for server upgrades, bandwidth limits, and support for sudden traffic spikes to ensure smooth scalability.

3. How do I choose between shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting for my WordPress site in Indonesia?

Assess your site’s traffic, security needs, and budget. Shared is cost-effective, VPS offers flexibility, and dedicated provides maximum control.

4. What is the role of CDN services in enhancing WordPress site performance in Indonesia?

CDNs distribute your content globally to speed up loading times for visitors far from your server’s location.

5. What factors should I consider when evaluating the scalability of a WordPress hosting provider in Indonesia?

Evaluate their plans for server upgrades, bandwidth limits, and support for sudden traffic spikes to ensure smooth scalability.