Last Updated on March 10, 2022

Do you want to get started in the web field without breaking the bank? Well, know that it is perfectly possible.

To prove it to you, we have tested and selected several hosts who offer really inexpensive WordPress hosting. All this while ensuring an above-average quality of service.

Discover below our ranking of the best cheap web WordPress hosting 2022.

What is considered cheap Web Hosting for WordPress?

It is good that you know that in the ranking that follows, you are not necessarily going to find the cheapest web hosting on the market. Indeed, having access to a cheap host is good, but the quality of service must nevertheless follow. There are multiple reasons why WordPress sites get hacked every day. A hacker peep into your WordPress website and stolen data of your customer, the unsecured web hosting could be the reason.

This is why we have decided to take into account the quality/price ratio offered above all. However, be reassured, all the offers that we will present to you below will not cost more than a few dollars per month.

This will allow you to get started in the world of website creation, without compromising your budget too much.

Top 3 Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022

If the procedure described just above speaks to you, then the 3 cheap but best web hosting services in 2022 that we are going to present to you below are likely to interest you.

Whatever your final choice, you will be able to enjoy hosting at an affordable price, while benefiting from advanced features, and convincing performance!

Host And Protect

Host and Protect Logo

Host And Protect is a 100% Swiss host which is based near Geneva.

The biggest advantage of this host lies in the fact that it has its own data centers which are all located in Switzerland (in Geneva, as the head office of the company).

This allows Host And Protect to guarantee a better quality of service and above all to be able to carry out any action on its servers, without any waiting. Although its data centers are not in France, due to the geographical proximity you will be guaranteed to have access to excellent performance and an uptime close to 100%.

But as you can see, this is not enough to become the best cheap web hosting of 2022. This is why Host And Protect have placed other strings in its bow.

That being said, let’s see together what you will get with these different cheap web hosting:

  • Space in the HDD
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Secure FTP accounts
  • Unlimited space
  • Live and Active Firewall
  • High Spec Servers
  • DNS, Email, and Web hosting on separate servers
  • Daily Backup
  • Code Scans
  • Free emails accounts
  • Need Control Panel to Manage WordPress
  • Lockdown WordPress
  • Regular Security Scans

Your code has a safe home in their free private git hosting. It’s included by default, and it’s super easy to use. See changes in your code over time using their codelab service.

Our experience with Host And Protect

We had an excellent web hosting experience with Host And Protect.

The performance and speeds obtained are very good. Our site loaded very quickly with each of our tests and we were never affected by an unexpected outage in several months of use.

This is anything but a coincidence when we know that Host And Protect guarantees that its data centers meet the prerequisites that define a Type 3 data center (99.99% availability rate, and an infrastructure capable of withstanding a general outage of several hours).

And to come back to the subject of price, know that the prices applied by Host And Protect will not change. The prices presented above are not promotional offers. These offers will then increase after 1 or 2 years of engagement. You will therefore have no bad surprises at this level.

To summarize, whether you are looking for cheap shared or WordPress hosting, you will be more than satisfied with what is offered at Host And Protect. Simplicity is the key here!



Hostinger is without a doubt the best cheap web host available in 2022. No matter what type of hosting you are looking for (Shared, VPS, or WordPress), you will be facing extremely low prices.

And that, without impacting the performances offered. We were able to confirm this in our comprehensive Hostinger test. Hostinger has the big advantage of having data centers all over the world, which will allow you to optimize the performance as well as the speed of your site.

Finally, know that by using exclusive promotional code, you will be able to further lower the prices of this excellent inexpensive web host.

Our experience with Hostinger

As we have been able to imply a little above, if Hostinger is at the top of our ranking of the best cheap web hosting, it is because we have had excellent experiences with its services.

The administration interface is very easy to use and above all intuitive. This will make life easier for people who want to quickly set up their first website, without having advanced knowledge.

To return to the performance offered, we noted excellent loading times for the pages of our site, and the availability rate measured for several months turned out to be above 99.995% (which is equivalent to the performance of a Type 4 data center).

You will understand, if you want the best hosting in 2022, it is to Hostinger that you will have to turn.


Planet Hoster Logo

PlanetHoster is clearly not the cheapest web host. But that’s not a big deal, since we’re not racing for prices. The goal is, as a reminder, to present you with inexpensive WordPress hosting that offers the best possible quality/price ratio.

And with its offer called “The World” (which is similar to mutualized), you will not be disappointed.

As a reminder, the host-based in Canada has data centers in Canada in order to satisfy its European and American customers (it is also considered one of the best hosting providers in North America ). As for customer support, you will be able to benefit from quality service.

As a reminder, PlanetHoster sets up a telephone line that will allow you to get an answer in just a few seconds.

Our experience with PlanetHoster

Do you want to hear our feedback on PlanetHoster? No problem, here it is;

Our experience has been excellent throughout the years spent with this host. Performance has always been excellent, stability excellent, and the best  customer support?

For us, it is the best and has been for a long time. Regarding the administration interface, it is easy to get used to it. And you will inevitably appreciate the fact that you can allocate more or less resources to one of your sites, all hot.

Overall, PlanetHoster is not the cheapest web host but it clearly deserves its place in our ranking. Thanks to its attractive price and impeccable quality of service. You won’t regret your choice, that’s for sure.

How to Choose the Best and Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress?

By browsing our comparison, you may have noticed that you will have to take into account a good number of aspects in order to find the “right” cheap web hosting.

As we have been able to emphasize on several occasions, there is no point in relying exclusively on price.

It is good to make sure that:

  • The price of your long-term WordPress hosting will not explode (after renewal).
  • Your hosting will be able to keep up with the traffic generated by your site.
  • The set will be stable and available at all times (we are talking about uptime).
  • The features offered are relevant (free domain name, SSL certificate, disk space, backups, plugins, etc.).
  • A satisfied or refunded guarantee is offered.
  • Customer support is capable of responding within a relatively short time frame.

In any case, be reassured, all the hosts listed in our ranking of the best cheap wordpress hosting of 2022 meet these requirements.

cPanel is a very important part of a web hosting services. Every web hosting provider (e.g. Godaddy, Bigrock, etc.) give an access of c panel where customer can upload their website or can install CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and many option are there.

If your web hosting provider is not giving enough security to your control panel your website can be hacked by hacker very easily. You must secure your cpanel from hackers by following preventive tips.

Now it’s up to you to compare the package and see which offer best suits your needs. Indeed, and in a way that could not be more logical, you will not need the same power to create a small personal blog on WordPress, as an online store attracting several thousand users every day.

WordPress Hosting FAQs

Before closing this article, which aimed to introduce you to the best cheap (and not the cheapest!) Web hosting. 

We are going to answer a few commonly asked questions by people.

Can we run WordPress with cheap hosting?

Without any problem. The 3 best inexpensive hosts that we present in our comparison (Hostinger, PlanetHoster, and Host And Protect) are all able to host one or more sites running on WordPress.

They will even offer you an automatic wizard to create, install and configure your WordPress site in just a few minutes. All without needing any knowledge in site creation.

What is the best cheap WordPress hosting?

The best cheap web host in our eyes is the one offered by Host And Protect. Indeed, the price/quality ratio is simply unbeatable. However, PlanetHoster and Hostinger are not very far behind.

Are these WordPress hosts efficient?

Yes, in any case, those that we present in our ranking and detailed comparison. However, this is not a general truth. It is for this reason that we do not want to present you with the cheapest WordPress hosting, but rather those offering the best quality/price ratio in 2022.

Are the prices going to increase in 2022?

It will depend on the cheap web host you are going to choose. At Host And Protect and PlanetHoster for example, the price will always remain the same. 

While at Hostinger, you will need to plan for an increase after your first engagement (whether 1 year, 2 years or 3 years).

Is cheap WordPress hosting suitable for a site that generates a lot of traffic?

We are not going to lie to you, no cheap hosting is not suitable for a site that generates a lot of traffic. This type of offer is aimed more at people who want to start in the world of website creation or who have a small base of visitors. 

If you are expecting several thousand visitors per day, it is in your interest to turn to a VPS hosting offer or even a dedicated server. Know that at this level, Hostinger and Host And Protect have everything you need.

What are the differences between free and cheap WordPress hosting?

There are a lot of differences between these two types of web hosting. In the first case, you will not have to pay anything while with cheap web hosting, you will have to pay a certain amount each month (which remains more than correct). 

This is the only advantage free hosting has over a cheap offer. For the rest, cheap WordPress hosting is superior in every way: good performance, far fewer limitations, 24/7 customer support and very responsive, many features available, and much more. 

If you are hesitating between the two types of plans, you now know what our opinion is on the matter.