Last Updated on August 25, 2022

In today’s internet world, everyone is fighting for a place in front of the world. We all want to be seen and heard among the millions of websites and social media accounts. A dedicated IP address is a way to get ahead of your competitors in a crowded market.

Dedicated IP addresses give you protection against brute-force attack bots and help ensure your website loads faster with its own private IP address space on your network. 

Top Benefits of Dedicated IPs

Below you will find information on what a dedicated IP address is and why it is beneficial for your personal use.

What is a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address is an Internet address assigned to a particular network to be used exclusively for a single device. 

For example, if you have your own managed dedicated servers then everything will be done through the same private address spaces every time you want to load your website and navigate to a particular URL.

This allows you to easily circumvent the risk of blacklisting, as well as have faster connection speeds for all connected devices on your network. 

Having a dedicated IP address is also important because it makes it easier for you to troubleshoot and fix most WordPress website issues on your own.

Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP

The shared IP address is the internet protocol address that your router assigns to you so that any computer on the local network can connect to the internet. 

The problem with this IP address space is that it can be used, hacked or otherwise blocked by a third party, and there is no way to access it without having any control over its use. 

This means that if your router has been hacked or the third party has blocked access to the shared IP address, you will not be able to access any information on the web.

A dedicated IP address is an Internet Protocol space that has been assigned to a single workstation or device, usually to make specialized software accessible through a particular URL. 

A dedicated IP address is different because it gives you more control over what happens with your site and ensures that all traffic is routed through the same address space and ports.

Types of IP Addresses

These are the main IP types that you can find: 

  • Public IP Addresses

Public IP addresses are the ones that are intended to identify the location of your router within the internet as a whole. It can be understood as your personal address in the digital world. Thus, all the devices you have connected to your router will share the same public IP.

  • Private IP Addresses

Private IP addresses, unlike public ones, only operate locally and are used to identify each device connected to your network. Your PC, your smartphone and your SmartTV use different private IP addresses to connect to your router, and from there they share the same public IP.

  • Static IP Addresses

A static IP is an IP that remains constant over time. They are normally assigned to servers or platforms that need to have a fixed IP address in order to function. They are not usually used in homes because they are more expensive and have some disadvantages.

  • Dedicated IP Addresses

A dedicated IP address is a unique static IP address that is assigned to a specific website. Websites that have very high traffic prefer to use a dedicated IP because it allows them to stabilize their connection and improve the experience of their users. Home users can also get dedicated IP addresses by purchasing VPN services.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

The advantages of a dedicated IP address are many, and the main ones are listed below:

  • Reduces the risk of IP blacklisting

Shared address space may be blacklisted or suspended, which may impact your access to all websites on the Internet. It may also be difficult for you to access the information you need to run your business. 

If a third party can blacklist these addresses, it will limit the use and potential of your network-based website.

  • View your website using IP address

If you have a dedicated IP address, your site will load faster because it allows information to reach your website quickly. The faster your website loads, the more likely you will be able to entice potential customers and current customers to buy what you offer. 

This quick access can also increase visits to your website, which can lead to higher conversion rates and better profits for your business.

  • Faster emails

A dedicated IP address can help speed up the transfer of information in PDFs and other files via email. 

Email clients such as Outlook and Gmail require all attachments to be sent from a private address space so that they can be opened on their own without accessing other parts of the space in internal memory or your computer’s disk drive. 

These customers also trust emails from dedicated IP addresses more than an email from shared IP addresses.

  • Secure remote access

A dedicated IP address can allow access to your computer without the risk of being hacked or invaded by unwanted code or viruses. 

You will be able to control the communication of your network, even if it has been compromised by a third party seeking information on your computer.

  • Safer and faster file transfer

If you are trying to email a large file, the larger the file or attachment, the longer it will take to send it from one website to another and vice versa. 

A dedicated IP address can help speed up this process by allowing multiple computers on your network to access each other and share information with each other faster than they could with a shared address space.

Final Thoughts

These days, most people want to make sure they get all traces of their internet presence and keep their information safe. Dedicated IP addresses not only provide additional protection against hackers; they also provide additional security when transmitting data over networks.

Dedicated IP addresses help you control various aspects of the Internet and display your website under the same address, creating a better environment for all users. 

Reducing the risk of IP blacklisting and allowing you to access files remotely makes it easy to see why using this type of address setup is considered a positive thing for any business.